A Parent Guide for Lacrosse

To assist parents and players in understanding the sport of lacrosse, the Canadian Lacrosse Association has developed the Parents and Players Guide to Lacrosse.

This guide will provide you with general information to help you and your child get the most out of participating in lacrosse. As a parent, you will:

1. understand how this truly ‘Canadian game’ is played;

2. grasp the basic skills;

3. comprehend what your child needs to fully enjoy playing the sport;

4. find out where you can obtain further information on programs and competitions.

Lacrosse is about having fun and as a parent you can play a vital role in the development of your child and their enjoyment in sports. Be positive about your child’s participation. Encourage,  support, volunteer,  listen and pay attention to your child’s progress.  

Recognize and reward your child’s progress and their successes. Be a positive role model who reminds your child and yourself, that winning isn’t everything.

Female Only Lacrosse

As the Sport of Lacrosse continues to grow within BC, the BCLA, TOMBLC and Kelowna Minor Lacrosse, so are opportunities for Female Only Lacrosse Programs.  Female Only does not yet have a league to play in, however can offer practice times and tournaments along with the options to play co-ed with the co-ed teams.  

The Female Only registration option is offered at a reduced rate as there are reduced costs for league games not taking place.  The teams for Female Only will be formed from players across the zone from mixed ages and/or mixed associations.

1. If the female player wishes to play both co-ed and female they can be registered for co-ed and pay the full fees associated with co-ed.  Their name will be noted and passed over to the Interior Female Lacrosse organizer where they would be eligible to practice with the female teams and join blended teams.

2. If the female player wishes to play female only but practice with the co-ed teams (if space allows), they can be registered into the female only programs at the reduced rate.  These female players would be eligible for co-ed game play (where space is available) by agreement between coaches and a One-Game call up form.  There is no limit to the amount of call up games the player plays.

Having The Correct Gear

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Financial Assistance Opportunities